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Exclusively For Parents Struggling With Teens at Home...

“How to Take Your Teen From Anxious, Moody and Constantly Hiding in Their Room... Back to the Sweet Kid You Used to Know and Love…”


“Since Lorna has been working with her ( my daughter) she has developed some healthy new outlets for times when feeling anxious and she's taken on new endeavors that she's talked about in the past but was afraid to do.  I really see a healthy boldness being birthed in her."

- Nicole (parent)


Just a few of the things we'll cover on the masterclass:

  • Why you should not ignore your teens problems and hope they grow out of it
  • Why thinking “it’s just hormones” is the most dangerous approach
  • Why “better not rock the boat” is the worst approach to take with your teen
  • How to get your teen from anxious and out of control to calm and communicative
  • How to actually get your teen to talk to you
  • How to help your teen overcome low-self esteem so they can thrive in life
  • How to regain peace in your household
  • How to talk to your teen without it turning into an argument

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About Lorna Moon

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I'm incredibly passionate about helping teens and moms. My mother was sick with cancer during my teen years and died when I was 16. As a result, I lacked the guidance and mentoring that would have saved me from the consequences of many poor decisions. Having no one I trusted that I could talk to or that could help me find my way, led me to create many hardships for myself I could have avoided. As a result, I'm on a mission to help as many teens as possible grow up with the guidance and confidence I lacked at that age.

I spent over 20 years building a successful corporate career, with degrees in business and an MBA along the way. Despite my achievements, I felt like something was missing, After praying and searching for meaning in my life, God showed me the path to my highest service, coaching. I trained to become a life coach to help people live their best lives by working with the issues like stress, self-confidence, thought patterns, and goal achievement.

In my role as a coach, young people trust me because I understand them and I listen. I don't judge nor discount their feelings. Most say that coaching is the only time they feel truly heard.

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