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So many challenges facing young people today...


According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 1 in 3 of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Coaching can help with anxiety as we work on controlling and directing thoughts, learning to allow feelings to arrive and dissipate and consciously choose the thoughts and beliefs we want to be part of our experience.


Peer pressure has always been a stressor for teens and young adults, but the age of social media and 24x7 digital communication has only made the problem bigger.

Adolescence and young-adulthood is a time of learning who you are and going through those sometimes awkward phases. Human nature causes us to desire to fit in, but with so many conflicting role-models out there, it can be hard to find your way.

Coaching allows you to get in touch with your true self and your inner wisdom. It helps build a strong internal foundation that allows you to stand strong in who you are making you much more resistant to unhealthy pressures from peers and social media influencers.


There is no shortage of messages in the world today designed to destroy our self-esteem. Modern marketing plays on psychological triggers that make us feel like we are not good enough unless we have their product or service. These messages are especially detrimental to young minds.

Coaching helps build self-esteem and a concrete connection to your own innate truth. Coaching teaches the skills necessary to question thoughts planted by outside sources and choose thoughts that are in harmony with truth.

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Developing a healthy body image can be challenging for young women and girls today. With so many manipulated and filtered images on social media and in advertising, there is so much psychological pressure to meet an unrealistic ideal.

Coaching can help by teaching you to develop self love, acceptance and appreciation for your body which in turn leads to healthy thoughts and choices regarding how you treat it.

School & College Prep

Achievement in school and the decision about college and what to do after graduation can cause tremendous stress and anxiety for teens. They are often painted a picture of dire consequences if they don't get into the "right school" or choose the "right path."

With coaching we tease out these apparently tangled webs of expectations and explore the truth of the matter. Nothing is permanent and there are a multitude of choices that are available. The teen learns to release unhealthy pressure and make a decisions about their future from a place of following intuition and inner knowing.

Life Choices

Becoming an adult is not for the faint of heart, yet it is something that everyone must go through. The ability to make good choices is not something we are born with. It must be developed. Unfortunately, the rational portion of the human brain isn't fully developed until age 25, which makes evaluating choices even more difficult for teens.

Coaching teaches the tools needed to understand thoughts and how to process them, giving teens an advantage. Coaching also helps develop communication skills so young people can be confident in asking trusted sources for help.

About Lorna

I'm incredibly passionate about helping teens and moms. My mother was sick with cancer during my teen years and died when I was 16. As a result, I lacked the guidance and mentoring that would have saved me from the consequences of many poor decisions. Having no one I trusted that I could talk to or that could help me find my way, led me to create many hardships for myself I could have avoided. As a result, I'm on a mission to help as many teens as possible grow up with the guidance and confidence I lacked at that age.

I spent over 20 years building a successful corporate career, with degrees in business and an MBA along the way. Despite my achievements, I felt like something was missing, After praying and searching for meaning in my life, God showed me the path to my highest service, coaching. I trained to become a life coach to help people live their best lives by working with the issues like stress, self confidence, thought patterns, and goal achievement.

In my role as a coach, young people trust me because I understand them and I listen. I don't judge nor discount their feelings. Most say that coaching is the only time they feel truly heard.

I also work with moms because no change can take place in a vacuum. As your teen learns to communicate better and manage their mind, it's best for you to be on the "same page." Most moms find that their sessions helps to fulfill that critical self-care time that they are usually too busy to give to themselves.

I coach via Zoom so location is never a problem. Your teen can stay in the comfort of their own home as they work to create the life they want.

If this sounds good to you, click the button below to book a complimentary consultation for you and your teen! We can determine from there if coaching is a fit for you and your teen's needs.



"My daughter and I weren't communicating. We were both part of the problem. Once I approached her about her and homework she opened up in a way she had not done in years. Unbeknownst to me, Lorna and my daughter had talked about our communication a couple of days before. Since Lorna has been working with her she has developed some healthy new outlets for times when feeling anxious and she's taken on new endeavors that she's talked about in the past but was afraid to do.  I really see a healthy boldness being birthed in her."  

Nicole (parent)

 "Lorna truly cares about your wellbeing and has a unique way of looking at things. I can't recommend her services to enough people."

Adam (parent)


"I was in therapy for years without results.  Working with Lorna has been the one thing that has really helped me."

Katie (teen)

In a teenagers aspect at times it feels very hard to open up, and find outlets to help you. During the last month, I’ve met with Lorna and she has helped me expressed myself through art, music, and journaling. She’s even helped me become better at communicating with my mom! It’s definitely been an experience I’ve taken away a lot from.

Sarah (teen)

"Lorna helped me get clear on exactly what I wanted to create in my life. Within only 2 weeks I received a dream job offer and new clients were being referred to me for my side business"

Maitri (parent)

"Lorna helped me address my fears and anxieties and I left her office feeling a hundred pounds lighter and ready to tackle the world."

Adrienne (parent)

"Lorna really helped me get control of my anxiety."

Noelle (teen)

"My anxiety has lessened tremendously, more importantly... I'm now aware of when I might start to feel anxious. I never realized how tense I was driving, getting ready in the morning, talking to strangers, walking around the store, etc. This awareness is amazing! Now that I'm aware my mind goes back to remembering that I am allowed to feel Calm. I think of my safe place and I can bring myself back to reality.

I'm learning a lot about myself and how my mind and body works. I never thought I could be off my antidepressants but I have now been off them for 2 weeks with no problems!" 

Marissa (parent)

"Before our work together, I felt like I was battling with the past, neglecting the present and horribly planning the future.  Immediately after our first session, I felt a weight lifted.  My emotions settled.  My thoughts focused.  I felt back in the driver's seat.  I can't thank you enough for your time."

Kedar (young adult)

"I have made leaps and bounds since we started working together. I no longer feel like I am an emotional wreck because of my past, I am extremely blessed despite my trauma and I am ready to move forward towards success now."

G.A. (parent)


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